Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spermbirds 'Something To Prove'

Not a band name that you forget in a hurry and a band for whom I hold the rare distinction that I can remember exactly the moment that I first heard them and where I was at the time.

So, it’s 1991, my friend Dave H and I are in his bedroom in our hometown in Hampshire watching the Deathbox “Spirit Of The Blitz” skateboarding video.

At 5.02 on the video link below, the exact moment that the band entered my life more than twenty years ago is repeated:

The band had two tracks on the video soundtrack in the form of “Americans Are Cool” and “You’re Not A Punk”, both of which Dave and I loved.
Originally formed in Germany in 1982, the band featured a US GI vocalist, whom appeared on their first album, “Something To Prove” in 1986.

Very happily, I came across a recent picture disk reissue of the classic “Something To Prove” LP last month and snapped it up on sight.
The fact that I can, as a 33 year old man, get so excited about the inclusion of a free Spermbirds sticker says more about me than I care to think about.

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