Sunday, July 29, 2012

Charity Shop Haul (28/07/2012)

Back in the UK, over the years I made some great vinyl purchases from your bog standard high street charity shop.

As I’ve mentioned before, charity shops (aka thrift stores/op shops) in New Zealand have extremely slim pickings for decent quality records, to the point that I’ve basically stopped even looking outside specialist second hand record shops.
However, I was out yesterday having a rummage in the Opportunities For Animals shop in Kilbirnie (originally having gone in there to look for glasses/decanters for a recently acquired art deco liquor cabinet) and contradicted my previous negativity about the state of NZ Charity Shops by coming across a couple of interesting releases:

Man 2 Man Meet Man Parrish “Male Stripper” Polydor 12” Single.
This is now quite simply the gayest record cover I own (and I’ve got a few other Hi-NRG tunes in my collection). The reverse is also pretty full on, with a dedication for, “All the men who strip for a living”.

I don’t know that much about Man (short for Manuel) Parrish other than he’s a bit of a post-disco/pre-house/electro pioneer and dance music legend. It’s an interesting record and one that my girlfriend reckons that she’s heard in clubs much later.

Cosmetic with Jamaaladeen Tacuma “So Tranquilizin’” 3RD Degree 12” Single.
I hadn’t ever heard of Jamaaladeen Tacuma before but have subsequently learnt that he’s a free jazz bass player whom has worked with a variety of artists including Ornette Coleman. I was originally attracted by his outfit (I thought for some reason that it might be go-go music, which I know absolutely nothing about) but quickly noticed that the tune has been remixed by Francois Kevorkian, whom is a major favourite of mine for his deep, dark dubbed out disco mixes.

Two pretty interesting acquisitions for a morning’s charity shopping.
The less said about the 12" version of Amazulu's cover of "Wonderfull World (Beautiful People)" by Jimmy Cliff that I picked up, the better - yours for $3.00 on Trade Me shortly.
(2/3 ain't bad).

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