Sunday, September 2, 2012

Evil Genius - Sunday 02/09/2012

I went to view a house today in Berhampore and found myself with an hour to kill at cafe/record shop Evil Genius at 462 Adelaide Road.

As with RPM, Evil Genius have fairly recently arrived from their former home in Christchurch. Down there they eschewed the CBD and were based in Riccarton, here they're similarly out in the sticks.

I've been to Evil Genius once before and despite not getting along too well with the shop (it's a bit hipster for my liking, seeming to have lots and lots and lots of fairly modern alternative/psychedelic rock) I came away with a pretty great modern Elektra reissue of the Nuggets  compilation LP. (,_1965%E2%80%931968)

This time, I sampled the cafe (good cake..) and despite (as with yesterday) trying not to buy anything; I came away with a few 'too good to pass-up' items:
Sesso Matto‎ 'Sessomatto' (Remix) West End Records 12"
The release includes a pair of Idjut Boys Remixes on the B-Side, but I've bought this for the 'Original 1976 Jim Stuard Disco Mix' on the A-Side: ten and a half minutes of proper latin disco vibes. I'm happy with that for $12.00.
The Criminal Element Orchestra feat. Wendell Williams 'Everybody' De:Construction 12"
Arthur Baker production under the same name as the classic, 'Put The Needle On The Record'. It's the much maligned/failed genre of hip-house from 1990 and a pinch at $5.00.
Deodato 'Knights of Fantasy' Warners LP
In the 'yellow sticker/$5 LP' bin. Eumir Deodato is better known as a producer and arranger these days, but made lots of jazz/funk and jazz/disco crossover albums in the 1970's. This is from 1979 and on Warners and  whilst being a very clean version, is a good example of why major label vinyl from the late seventies and early  eighties is not well regarded. (It's about half as thick as it should be).
The cover has to be one of the worst/best I've ever seen, with the tacky trio of 'laydees' legs, vinyl as spaceships and an 'otherworldly' environment.

It's the second Deodato LP I've bought, albeit the first on a major label. It's a lot more commercial that the other one I own (Deodato '2' CTI Records LP, which has an amazing version of 'Nights In White Satin') and isn't nearly as good, sadly.

S.M.O.K.E.‎ 'Cyclops / Party Alarms' Formation 12"

I don't buy a huge amount of drum & bass these days (Wellington doesn't feel that urban to me, so maybe it doesn't match) but pick up bits and pieces when they come to hand. This wasn't actually in Evil Genius (it was outside it, in the $3 shit-bin on the pavement. (As I said, it's not really a dance type of store). I don't have a lot of records on DJ SS's Formation Records, so thought that $3.00 seemed pretty okay. The tune is too. Pretty okay...

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