Monday, October 15, 2012

The Pharcyde ‘Passin’ Me By’ Delicious Vinyl 12” Single

Yes, I know. It’s been a very Pharcyde intensive couple of months, but when this came up on Discogs, I literally couldn’t stop myself. Originally released in 1993 as a single and part of the Pharcyde’s self-titled debut album, ‘Passin’ Me By’ is a great slice of infectiously catchy hip-hop soul. I’d love to say that I was a fan back in the day, but I only grew to recognise and love this tune much later. (I was a big fan of the subsequent ‘Labcabincalifornia’ LP and it’s ‘Runnin’’ and ‘Drop’ singles though).
The release here is the UK version, with the single/video edit (a single exclamation of “n*gger” is muted out) as well as the ‘Brixton Remix’, which is a bit of a beast.
Also in the collection and erring on the beastly side is the slightly more legally dubious version that I have on 12” collection of J*Star remixes. Slightly embarrassingly, I was so obsessed with the ‘No Diggity’ remix on the A-Side (it was a MASSIVE tune in Bristol in the mid-noughties) that despite having owned this for about six or seven years (admittedly with three years in storage) I didn’t even listen to it until this year. It’s hip-hop/reggae mash-up genius though, with The Pharcyde’s acappella being mixed over ‘I’m Still In Love With You, Boy’.

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