Monday, January 7, 2013

George Carlin 'Take-Offs & Put-Ons' RCA/Camden LP & 'An Evening With Wally Londo' Little David LP

I dropped into Auckland's Real Groovy Records (438 Queen Street, Auckland) whilst doing some last minute shopping just before Christmas.

I was on a pretty tight budget so stuck to the store's sale bins (which, true to New Zealand's expensive record shopping opportunities, rather than being $1.00, cost $3.00). $3.00 is enough of an outlay for me to not take that many risks and a couple of tunes that I picked up based on their producer/label (Sly & Robbie/Tummy Touch) got canned in favour of an artist whom I can trust at any cost.

When you collect records, you sometimes find yourself sometimes 'rescuing' records that you already own from charity shops because of a feeling that they "don't belong (t)here". The sight of two George Carlin comedy LP's (in decent condition) for $3.00 each hit that nerve.

'Take-Offs & Put-Ons' from 1972 features Carlin's legendary (and even earlier) 'Indian Sargeant' routine.

'An Evening With Wally Londo' from 1975 is in absolutely mint condition (even still having its original plastic sleeve on the cover) and reassuringly has a sticker stating that the material is 'Recommended For Adult Listening'.

Carlin's been a hero of mine for many years and is never far from my thoughts. In particular, his 'Stuff' routine flashed through my mind repeatedly recently when we took a 'mini-break within a holiday' during our recent Christmas expedition.

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