Saturday, August 18, 2012

Boxing Day

Today was my first full Saturday in Wellington for a few weeks (due to work commitments) and todays record collecting task was to go out and buy some cardboard boxes for my 7” (aka 45)’s.

I’d seen during the week that ‘Storage Box’ ( (a strangely compelling shopping experience) were having a sale.  As such, I went out with the intention of buying some cardboard, lidded boxes.

I ended up improvising somewhat and coming away with these:

My slightly sore head from last nights festivities (The Pharcyde at San Frans) meant that I totally forgot to bring a 7” with me and as such, I had to visit Cuba Street’s Slowboat Records to buy one. (To ensure that any storage I bought was of suitable scale for said 7”s).

I’ve said before that serendipity plays a part in record collecting and after finding slim pickings in Slowboats reggae 7”s section, I found a 1993 ‘Jukebox Series’ release from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

I’m currently engaged on a back-of-mind oddessy to buy the records to fill a jukebox but haven’t ever bought a record that comes with its own tab, specifically for the purpose before:

That serendipitous moment aside, I promised my girlfriend that I’d buy her lunch. Our chosen venue was full, so we walked up Cuba Street and found: a new record shop. (Cue huge excitement).

I got a bit overexcited and bought:

The Stray Cats “Runaway Boys” and “Rock This Town”.
One day, when all my hard work has paid off and I’m happily settled. I’m (despite being a Gibson man) going to buy a vintage Gretsch Country Gentleman. That’s largely down to Brian Setzer and his unrivalled genius on the instrument. The Stray Cats rule.

Aerosmith ‘Janies Got A Gun’
I’m an unrepentant Aerosmith fan, albeit one that’s preferential of their 70’s material. That notwithstanding, ‘Janies Got A Gun’ has my favourite guitar solo of all time in it. What I actually bought this for however, was the B-Side.

The rhythm guitar part at the beginning of ‘Voodoo Medicine Man’ was what I based my rhythm guitar sound on when I was in a band many, many years ago. (Despite us sounding nothing like Aerosmith, believe me). Aerosmith rule too.

Lindsay Butler ‘Introducing’ EP
Yeah? Me neither. It’s got a 50’s looking country bloke with a Fender Jazzmaster on the cover so I thought it was worth a go.
(It was actually recorded in 1972 and is retro Australian country, including a Hank Williams cover).

The Rolling Stones ‘It’s All OverNow’
It’s The Stones. It’s original. It was $4. It’s therefore a no brainer.

Other stuff:

Diana Ross on Motown. Barry White. Aretha Franklin. I think The Standells were in there as well. Sadly, I forgot to actually record what they were before I alphabetised my collection. Oh well. They’ll be regurgitated at some point.

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