Saturday, August 25, 2012

MC5 'Kick Out The Jams' Elektra 7" Single

Heart palpitations, butterflies, loss of appetite - I had it all when this one came up for sale on Trade Me.

I also prepared myself mentally to part with a great deal more than I ended up paying for it. Yes, I know it's got pen on the label but it's in really good playing condition and I think was a steal at $10.00 (NZ).

I was surprised (which is silly really, considering it came out in 1969) that Rob Tyner's infamous live show "Kick Out The Jams Motherf**kers" war cry actually appears here as "Kick Out The Jams, Brothers and Sisters".

I was listening to this last night and my girlfriend was sure that the "Brothers and Sisters" sample as being the one on M/A/R/R/S 'Pump Up The Volume'.

I realised that I've got 'Pump Up The Volume' on 12", so stuck it on to see whether that is indeed the case. I've never actually listened to my copy of it before and we were surprised to find that no "Brothers and Sisters" sample is on the record. I wonder whether the radio/video has an uncleared sample on it that doesn't appear on the release for legal reasons...

Answers on a postcard!

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