Saturday, August 25, 2012

Charity Shop Haul - The Sequel (25/08/2012)

There's an op-shop (aka charity/thrift shop) just down the road in Newtown that I've bought quite a volume of CD's (probably 100) off over the last couple of months.

They also have a fairly sizable stack of well kept vinyl records at the rear. I've looked over them a couple of times but there's really nothing there of interest - it's all Jim Reeves, Mantovani and musical soundtracks - which is what makes up the vast majority of op-shop vinyl in Wellington that I've come across.

I had a little look to see if there had been any recent donations and found, right on top of the rest of the rubbish:

Main Source 'Peace Is Not The Word To Play' 12" single. Mint copy on Wild Pitch recordings still with the original plastic on it. Wild Pitch is a great label and has my favourite ever centre sticker designs. The record, which is from 1992, is pretty great too.

Loose Ends 'Don't Be A Fool' 12" single. I thought that I recognised the name of the artist as being the source of a rare-groove classic (I've subsequently that I may have remembered them from a Norman Jay ( playlist), so was somewhat confused by a Producer credit for "Carl McIntosh for Top Buzz Productions". Having listened to it (it's from 1990 and is reminiscent of Soul II Soul, who I really like) I don't think it's that Top Buzz (

Tongue'n'Cheek 'Nobody' (Remixes) 12" single. Similarly pre-owned by someone called "Mack" and more of the same as above. I really like the Nomad Soul mix and can foresee this getting a play when we've got mates over for a barbecue when summer finally appears.

Enoch Light and The Light Orchestra 'Volume 2: Provocative Percussion' LP. 5 months it was collected from my sisters house in Bristol, a consignment of 15 shipping cartons (including 11 of vinyl) will be arriving in Wellington next week. My sampler will be amongst those possessions and I bought this with that in mind.

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