Saturday, December 8, 2012

Disco, not Disco?

No, I've not bought the Joey Negro curated Strut LP, (, though I would quite like to.

My plan for the New Year is start putting some themed mixtapes together to post on here and Soundcloud, with a disco/post-disco themed collection being one of the objectives.

I've picked up a few further titles of note off of a seller discussed in a recent post ( to that end.

Rockers Revenge Feat. Donnie Calvin 'Walking On Sunshine' London Records 12" Single
Arthur Baker produced, written by Eddie Grant, engineered by Jellybean Benitez and recorded at Blank Studios in New York. (At some point, I'll do a post regarding all the records I own that came out of that studio. It's a lot). Released in 1982, 'Walking On Sunshine' is an electro/post-disco classic and was an anthem at The Paradise Garage. 

Roy Ayers/Wayne Henderson 'Heat Of The Beat' Polydor 12" Single
I wasn't actually familiar with this, but bought it on the strength of it being Roy Ayers. (His 'Virgo Vibes' LP is a personal favourite, as mentioned at What d'ya know: it's great. Funky disco of the highest order with a great drum break on it. 
Unsurprising really; Ayers pedigree I know, but I've learned that Henderson was actually a member of The Crusaders, whom I also really like and own a couple of records by. I probably first came across them as the backing band on the Randy Crawford track, 'Street Life'.
New Order 'Blue Monday/The Beach' Factory Records 12" Single
Sadly not the legendary 5p loss version, but what I believe is a pretty clean example of the less expensively packaged second pressing, with a silver inner but not the computer disk styled cut-outs. (Still released under the catalogue number FAC73). New Order are one of my favourite bands ever and this is one of my favourite tracks of theirs. It's not specifically a post-disco/New York track but it's heavily influenced by that school of music. Indeed their next single ('Temptation', which is my second favourite New Order tune) was produced by Arthur Baker. New Order also played at the Paradise Garage around the time that it was recorded.
Whilst the FAC73 release is new to my collection, it joins a copy of the '88 remix which I already had.
I've got a couple of 7"s as well, but the copy of 'Blue Monday' joins a few other Joy Division/New Order releases, including my absolute favourite New Order track, 'True Faith'.
Donna Summer 'Hot Stuff' Casablanca 12" Single (Red Vinyl)
I've not bolded this because I actually bought this for my girlfriend (whom loves the 'Bad Girls' LP that this is off of and courtesy of yours truly not realising that she already had it on vinyl, owns two copies) but have put it on here because coloured vinyl is always cool. Having scenes from the cheesefest that is 'The Full Monty' movie ( burned into my consciousness has left me unable to judge this Giorgio Moroder produced track on it's own merits. 

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