Saturday, December 8, 2012

World Party 'Goodbye Jumbo' Chrysalis LP

World Party have (very non-intrusively) been following me around for a little while, so it was fortuitous that today, whilst looking for a Christmas present for someone, I came across a copy of their second LP, 'Goodbye Jumbo' in fairly good condition (the covers got a split in the spine, but the platter itself is mint) for just $2.00.

I've been planning to put a new mix CD for my Mother together which is to include the lovely (and, as with many of Karl Wallinger's songs, very Beatlesy) 'Put The Message In A Box'.

I recorded the video for 'Put the Message In A Box' off of the ITV Chart Show ( around the time it was released as a single (May 1990) and used to listen to it repeatedly.
It came front of mind again recently, when I read the page concerning World Party's 1990 LP in my very well thumbed copy of 'The Mojo Collection' book. (Basically, a chronological review of all the albums that a muso should own by Mojo Magasine contributors).
On picking the LP (which according to the Mojo write-up, was tortuous to make) up, I was interested to see that Guy Chambers, (who's better known as Robbie Williams songwriter) collaborated with Karl Wallinger on a some songs on the album.

Maybe this goes some way to explain why Williams later covered World Party's 'She's The One' (written by Wallinger solo for the disastrously received 'Egyptology' LP, but one can only presume suggested to Williams by Chambers).

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