Sunday, November 11, 2012

Real Groovy

Real Groovy, 438 Queen Street  Auckland, 1010

Having talked about recent visits to Real Groovy spin-off stores ( and, it was auspicious that a change in my companies preferred Auckland hotel, put me staying literally over the road from Real Groovy's old head office (and only remaining site).

After work on Thursday 08th, I wandered down on the off-chance that they would be open. What I actually found, is that yes, Real Groovy is open until 9pm on Thursdays and Fridays and that the shop was actually the venue for a meet and greet with The Lizard Man ( I actually slightly regret that I didn't have my photo taken with him. (It's pretty unlikely that I'm ever going to meet him again, I think).

Anyways, I had a couple of hours to kill so had a bit of a dig and came away with a few $2 bargains, as well as a couple of more pricey ($17 a piece) but equally interesting bits.
V/A ‘10.01’ Ltd. Edition Moving Shadow 12” EP & V/A ‘10.02’ Ltd. Edition Moving Shadow 12” EP.
Released as part of Moving Shadow’s 10th anniversary celebrations in 2000, the colour covers show that these were part of the initial limited release (2500 for each). I’ve also got the ’10.04’ and ’10.06’ releases and absolutely loved the Rob Playford (Moving Shadow label owner aka Timecode) helmed 10th anniversary mix CD, which had 30 tracks (3 for each of the ten years of Moving Shadow’s operations) crammed into a 60 minute mix. Top track on ‘10.01’ is ‘Oh, So Nice’ by Cosmo & Dibs, with ‘10.02’ being led by 2 Bad Mice’s remix of ‘Music Takes You’ by Blame. Purchasing this has really made me want to put together a breakbeat hardcore/jungle techno mix.
Peter Bouncer ‘So Here I Come’ Shut Up & Dance 12” Single.
So, it’s not ‘Raving We’re Raving’, but I thought that this was a bit of a bargain for $2.00. Still has an insert advertising SUAD merchandise (I’ve managed to convince myself that a SUAD coach’s jacket is a good idea, which is perhaps as interesting as the actual music. One for that hardcore mixtape.
Hatiras feat. Slarta John ‘Spaced Invader’ Defected 12” Single
I loved the original (non-vocalled) version of this when it came out but wasn’t yet buying house. I did however buy the single sided Defected 12” drum & bass remix, which was done by…..
J Majik Presents ‘The Lizard’ Infrared 12” Single
I remember this coming out but didn’t buy it at the time. I particularly enjoyed watching J Majik B2B with Wickaman at The Old Fire Station in Bristol. During a particularly rinsing set, he turned off Skibadees’s (the world’s most overrated drum & bass MC) microphone several times. Yeah, “Deal With Da Matter”, Skibba, you douchebag. J Majik is/was best friends with:
Adam F Presents ‘Where’s My….’ (Feat. Little Mo) EMI Promo 12” Single
I’ve got the 3 x 12” LP set of the Kaos: The Anti-Acoustic Warfare album that this is off already, but y’know – it’s Adam F and it was $2.
 Mathematics + Tactile ‘Chonga/Vibra Theme’ Social Studies 12” Single
Mathematics are a consistently strong liquid D&B act from New York and this is the first release that I’ve bought off their own label. The centre label for Social Studies is actually one of my favourites on any label.
I’ve got a bit of history with Mathematics; having really liked their ‘Jersey Deep’ 12” on Defunked, I bought ‘Black Jack/Sunday Morning’, a very early 12” on Critical and then a Frontline promo 12” of ‘Funhouse/Brass Knuckles’, which I hammered for a good eighteen months after it came out.
Dylan & Facs ‘Blowpipe/Pantsnake’ Fuze Promo 12” Single
This was again $2 and still has the response sheet in it. It’s very early Dylan (late ‘90’s, at a guess). Facs I’ve never heard of, but Dylan I know from his millenial output on Renegade Hardware and Outbreak, then later from his Therapy Sessions night in Bristol. He later moved to Philadelphia, I believe.
Culprit ‘No Need To Ask’ Exceptional 12” Single
Strange, sort of dark ambient/breakbeat. Bought almost solely for the Reso Remix on the B-Side. Worth $2 for that alone.

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