Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brothers Johnson 'Strawberry Letter 23' A&M 12" EP

I probably first heard this during to the Quentin Tarantino blaxploitation homage, 'Jackie Brown', which as well as having a kickass soundtrack, has a rather great scene where the characters talk about not wanting to give up listening to vinyl. (Sadly, only available on Youtube in Spanish).

I found this week from Greg Wilson's consistently great blog that 'Strawberry Letter' is actually a much slicker cover of an original by Shuggie Otis.

This joins a couple of Brothers Johnson LP's and 7"s in my collection. They're a great act and one that I've only really discovered in the last twelve months.

The 12" is in great condition, though doesn't contain the 'free colour poster' mentioned on the cover. (I have a sinking feeling that I will now go out and find it though).

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