Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chemical Brothers 'Exit Planet Dust' Junior Boys Own LP

I actually went into Slowboat Records looking for a different LP, but was flicking through the new LP's section and came across this rather emotive LP's cover.

Emotive, jointly because this was such a huge, zeitgeist defining LP when it came out and jointly because I had a poster of the cover on the back of the door of my bedroom for much of my teens. 

I was a somewhat morose and serious teenager. A tad obsessive about 'proper' music (this was the nineties, so as a small country town boy, I was somewhat taken with the grainy lo-fi, analogue recordings of many US indie/grunge bands), thinking for the most part that dance music (and the brightly coloured 'raver' types that went with it) was totally fake. (There would be large sea-change a couple of years down the line). 

As such, few dance LP's made it into the self-imposed indie ghetto of my record collection, this LP by the men formally known as The Dust Brothers (until they were sued by the Beastie Boys 'Pauls Boutique' producing duo of the same name) was a notable exception. 

'Song To The Siren', 'Life Is Sweet' and the chill-out classic, 'One Too Many Mornings' are notable favourites from here, though 'Chemical Beat's is a stomper as well.
It's a good pressing too, only 2 x LP's so good and loud and a decent addition to a section of my record collection that I shall title, 'Must-Have 90's Dance LPs ('New Forms' and 'Modus Operandi' are already in the collection, as is Leftfield's 'Rhythm & Stealth' (a rather dishy 5 x 10" boxset), though I've not got 'Leftism' (though I did once buy my sister a 180g repress version). 'Endtroducing' would be on the wantslist, as would be 'How To Operate With A Blown Mind' and most crucially, 'Timeless'. Watch this space. 

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