Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vanishing Point 12" Scores

Vanishing Point, 251 Cuba St, Wellington. 

I went in Vanishing Point just after it had opened as a pop up shop and bought a couple of Stray Cats records. That day, I assumed that the lack of EFTPOS machine or proper till were due to either the shop not intending to remain open or the fact that they'd just opened the doors.

Round the time that I picked up a World Party LP there a few months later, I realised that it actually might be part of a longer time business strategy. 

That said, there's not a certain informal charm to the store, which sells records, collectable screen print posters and a cornucopia of kitsch/retro home wares.

The records that I found, whilst both being rather exciting, are wildly unrepresentative of the wider nature of their stock. (Which encompasses lots of punk, rockabilly and '60s material). 
Fifth Chapter DJ Sampler 'The Heavyweight Selection' XL Recordings 12" Sampler/Single
Side A is The Prodigy's 'Speedway (Theme From Fastlane)', which is worth $10 of anyone's money. (Which reminds me: 'The Prodigy Experience' and 'Music For The Jilted Generation' need to go on my aforementioned 'Must-Have 90's Dance LPs' collection. On the flip is Head-On 'I Want Your Love' (JX Mix), which I've never heard of and I'm accepting to myself will likely never get listened to. Ho hum.
Ten City 'Right Back To You' Atlantic 12" Single
I'm a bit in two minds about this one. I've watched a few videos as part of the even-to-me geeky YouTube "Vinyl Community" where people go on about the "still-sealed" records in their collection. I'm a player of records that collects, rather than a collector of records and as such, if I buy a record that's sealed, I open it and play it. I bought this still sealed for just $6.00. Both tracks ('Right Back To You' in Extended Mix and NY Mix formats and 'One Kiss Will Make It Better') were produced by house pioneer Marshall Jefferson so a bit of a must have. I'm now in two minds as to whether I open it.. 
Ten City are a fairly new discovery for me, having come across a copy of their debut LP during a charity shop hunt a few months back. The hit off that LP ('That's The Way Love Is') is now one of those tunes that you never noticed before but now find follows you about everywhere. 

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