Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mantronix 'King Of The Beats' Warlock Records 2 x LP

This was a birthday gift from my girlfriend (the copy of 'Exit Planet Dust' was a birthday present from myself) and was apparently a bit of a punt as to whether I'd like it.

I did actually see that this had been released and quite wanted it then, so was very glad to receive it. 

I've been working on a post-disco/electro mix for a little while (hence, and, and) so can imagine that I'll be working some of these in here, particularly 'Bassline'. 

Mantronix is interesting as hip-hop pioneers go, having absolutely no sampling whatsoever - completely working the electro-funk angle. It's interesting that rather than continuing down the hip-hop route, Kurtis el Khaleel (later known as Kurtis Mantronik) followed the sound to Europe and now makes House & Techno from his base in the UK.
Can one man own too much coloured vinyl? I think not.
Slightly more enigmatic is what happened to the other half of Mantronix, MC Tee quit at the height of their success to join the US Air Force. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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