Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sinthetix 'Gateway/Anomaly' & Rukkus 'Big Fly/Aria' No U-Turn 12" Singles

No U-Turn was an absolutely legendary darkside drum & bass label that was pretty much a spent concern by the time I started collecting drum & bass right at the start of the 2000's.

That said, these two releases are right from the end of the labels tenure, being released in 2001 and 2002 respectively. (Indeed, the latter's catalogue number is NUT031, the last ever No U-Turn being released NUT035).
Both are exactly what you would expect (acidic, jittery neurofunk) and join just one other No U-Turn release (in fact, even darker sublabel Nu-Black), 'Mad Different Methods' by Ed Rush, Trace & Nico, which is quite possibly the most horrible drum & bass release that I own (and that's saying something).

I will doubtless pick up further releases on No U-Turn as time goes on, even though it's not really my thing. No U-Turn is really so important for giving drum & bass giant Ed Rush his legendary early releases. (Particularly 'Bludclot Artattack').

I do also rather hanker after a copy of their 'Torque' 3 x LP set, after several years being jealous of my mate Steve's copy. This consistently strong set really cemented the status of the label.

The seller also offered me another few releases and I took a couple off his hands:
Genotype 'Extra-Terrestrial/Angry Business' Renegade Hardware Promo 12"
I was first made familiar with this track from the DJ Fresh mix from Trouble On Vinyl's 'Here Comes Trouble' CD set, released to coincide with their tenth anniversary. I was slightly horrified a while later when I was (against my will) watching the kids movie, 'Spacecamp' and realised where the sample comes from.
Breakage 'Plum Fairy'/Alias 'Admit To Love' Critical Music 12"
I was a big fan of third Critical release, so was rather glad after a prolonged gap not buying records (emigrating and changing careers will do that to you) when I realised that Critical had become one of the eminent drum & bass labels. This is still fairly early but is more of the same, deep, proggy, rolling drum & bass.

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